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SunSmart Roofing is your local expert for Florida roofs. As an affiliate of Solar Source, our team has over 37 years of experience working on rooftops.

We know roofs and our industry professionals are ready to serve you! We believe that a superb customer experience and integrity are the keys to our success. We value both our clients and their properties and make every effort to treat both with the utmost respect.

When you choose SunSmart Roofing for your roofing project, know it can be designed with solar optimization in mind. This will allow us to maximize your roof space for solar equipment you want to install now, or at a later date. Our roofs are solar ready!

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Bring Your Roof to Life

TESLA Solar Roof is the most beautiful roof on the market to power your home with clean solar energy. Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and virtually invisible from street level. Pay less for electricity and generate value for decades.

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Invisible Solar

With a fully integrated design, each solar and nonsolar tile is virtually indistinguishable in color and trim. Your brand-new roof delivers no aesthetic compromise and looks incredible from any angle.

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Built to Last

Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and engineered for all-weather durability, including active snow/ice melting.

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Maximum Solar Generation

Maximize your solar production with more tiles —that generate more energy. With a single, larger tile in each module, you can drastically increase how much energy you produce to fit your energy needs.

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Best Value

Pay less for electricity and replace your current roof—comparable in cost to a new composite shingle roof and your electric bill. Power all your needs with energy you produce and a personal utility you control.

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Efficient Installation

Engineered in-house with fewer parts, Solar Roof can be installed in a matter of days with complete modularity and advanced drone analysis, including comprehensive sun and shade modeling.

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Energy Independence

Combine Solar Roof with Powerwall to rely less on utility power and back up your home during a grid outage. Control your system with 24/7 mobile monitoring from anywhere in the world.

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